Astrid Kaemmerling is a german-born artist, scholar and educator based in San Francisco, CA. Her work as interdisciplinary artist spans the genres of visual, performance and media art and strives to connect place memories of the past, such as collected travel experiences, with a critical exploration of specific neighborhoods and selected urban places. Kaemmerling has been exhibited internationally in Germany, Italy, Korea and the United States. Kaemmerling’s work won several awards and fellowships, such as at the Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto, Italy, the Vermont Studio Center, VT, and most recently at Enos Park in Springfield, IL. She is the founder of The International Community of Artist-Scholars, a community of artists who work at the intersection of art & research, as well as founder of The Walk Discourse, a Bay Area based laboratory for walking artists and walking enthusiasts to share walking art methodologies, practices and tools. The interest in interdisciplinary collaboration has led her to the College of Fine Arts at Ohio University where she received her Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Arts; a degree positioned at the intersection of art & research. She specializes in the domain of walking art; her writing has been published in peer-reviewed journals and publications. Current artistic research projects include a series of works that investigate “processes of home-building.”

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Walking Enos Park: Audio-Walk, Springfield Art Association, Springfield, IL

Walking Enos Park: “Who is your neighborhood?” Solo-Exhibition, Springfield University Gallery, Springfield, IL (forthcoming)

Art For Living Space, Group Show, Czong Institute for Contemporary Art (CICA Museum), Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea (forthcoming)

American Fiber, Group Show, 5th Annual Juried Exhibition, Morgan Conservatory, Cleveland, OH

100 Days: Walk & Talk, Performance, 100 Days Action, San Francisco, CA

100 Days Action, Group Show, Southern Exposure, CA

In These Mountains: Black Mountain Exhibition, Group Show, Mary Davis Holt Gallery, Elberson Fine Arts Center, Salem College, NC


“Knowledge of the Path,” Collaborative Performance, Black Mountain, NC

Dérive, Inner Cities, Walking Performance, E.M. Wolfman, Oakland, CA

Inner Cities, Group Show, E.M. Wolfman, Oakland, CA


Artissima, Art Fair, Turin, Italy

Performance with RaumlaborBerlin, Fondazione Michelangelo Pistoletto – Cittadellarte, Biella, Italy

“This Morning, I leave the House,” Two-person Show, Site Responsive Installation, Collaboration with Danielle Wyckoff, Art Downtown, Grand Rapids, MI

Majestic Member Show, Group Show, Majestic Galleries, OH


Process Show, Group Show, Majestic Galleries, Nelsonville, OH

Expansion, Group Show, Appleton Gallery, Vern Riffe Center for the Arts, Shawnee State University, Shawnee, OH

Tracing thoughts: Capturing processes of (anti)academic artistic research, Collaboration, {Re}happening, Black Mountain College, Asheville, NC

Spatial Topologies, Collaborative Show, Majestic Galleries, Nelsonville, OH


Majestics Member Show, Majestic Galleries, Nelsonville, OH

Character Profile, Guest Artist, Root Division, San Francisco, CA

Ohio University, Open Studios, Group Show, The Ridges, Athens, OH


Bau-Werke, Group Show, PHOENIX See Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH, Dortmund, Germany


Rundgang 2011, Group Show, Campus City, Dortmunder U | Center for Art and Creativity, Dortmund, Germany


Ferndiagnose, Group Show, Curated by Sandra Dichtl, Fritz-Schramma-Halle, Cologne, Germany

Aktion “Ruhr-Still-Leben” A40 Highway, Cultural Capitol Project, Salon-Atelier, Performance, Dortmund, Germany

Schlechte Kunst zum kleinen Preis, Group Show, Salon-Atelier, Dortmund, Germany


Kavanah, Outdoor Exhibition, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

Creative Spaces: A Metropolis in the Making, Solo Exhibition, TU Dortmund, George Mc Govern Foyer, American Studies Department, TU Dortmund, Germany

22zehn, Group Show, Salon-Atelier, Dortmund, Germany

Kreative Klasse Ruhr 2009, Group Show, Union Gewerbehof, Dortmund, Germany

Rundgang 2009, Group Show, TU Dortmund, Germany

Chapter 4, Two-Person Show, Astrid Kaemmerling und Frederic Roos, Depot, Dortmund, Germany

Dauerleihgabe der Werke Schöne Aussicht(en) I + II,  Solo Show, Foyer Emil-Figge-Str. 60, TU Dortmund, Dortmund, Germany

Zeigt uns die Kreativen, Traveling Group Exhibition, Kultur.Unternehmen.Dortmund, Ruhr Area, Germany

Opening Exhibition of Salon-Atelier, Group Show, Salon, Dortmund, Germany


Rundgang 2008‚ Group Show, Lindemannschule, TU Dortmund, Germany


Rundgang 2007‚ Group Show, TU Dortmund, Germany


Rundgang 2006‚ Group Show, TU Dortmund, Germany



Enos Park Artist Residency Fellowship, Springfield, Illinois

Annual Convention Scholarship, Americans for the Arts & San Francisco Arts Commission, San Francisco

Quick Grant, Creative Capacity Fund, Center for Cultural Innovation, San Francisco


Travel Grant, Center for Cultural Innovation, San Francisco/Los Angeles

Emerging Arts Professionals – San Francisco/Bay Area Fellowship 2016-17

Vermont Studio Center Artist-Residency, partial Fellowship, (forthcoming May 2017)


Artist-residency Scholarship, UNIDEE – University of Ideas, Cittadellarte Fondazione Pistoletto, Italy

Original Work Grant, Graduate Student Senate, Ohio University

Creative & Scholarly Activity Travel Grant, College of Fine Arts, Ohio University


Graduate Fellowship, School of Interdisciplinary Arts, Ohio University


Travel Grant, Graduate Student Senate, Ohio University

Creative & Scholarly Activity Travel Grant, College of Fine Arts, Ohio University

Original Work Grant, Graduate Student Senate, Ohio University

Graduate Fellowship, School of Interdisciplinary Arts, Ohio University


Purchase Award, Schoene Aussicht(en) I + II, TU, Dortmund

Graduate Fellowship, School of Interdisciplinary Arts, Ohio University


Max Kade Foundation Graduate Fellowship, University of Virginia, Department of Germanic Languages and Literature, Chalottesville, VA


Third Prize in Photography, Zeigt uns die Kreativen, Juried Art Show, Kreativwirtschaft Dortmund


First Prize in Painting, Rundgang 2008, Juried Art Show, TU, Dortmund


School of Interdisciplinary Arts, Ohio University, Athens, OH, USA

Ph.D., 2016

Dissertation Title: Walking the Gentrifying Streetscape: Artistic Practice in San Francisco’s Mission District (2006-2016), Advisor: Dr. Marina Peterson (Performance Studies/ Ethnography), Dr. Michael B. Gillespie (Film Studies), Dr. Jennie Klein (Art History), Rajorshi Ghosh ( Sculpture + Expanded Practice)

TU Dortmund University, Dortmund, Germany

M.A. of Fine Art and English Education, April 2012 (with distinction)

Thesis (Painting/Art Education): Black Mountain College: The Influence of John Dewey’s Theories on (Art) Education. Examination Committee: Prof. Klaus-Peter Bussee (Art Education) , Prof. Walter Gruenzweig (American Studies)

University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, USA

International Graduate Exchange Student, Department of Germanic Languages and Literature, 2009-2010

TU Dortmund University, Dortmund, Germany

B.A. of Fine Art and English, Spring 2009 (with distinction)

Thesis (Painting): Paul Auster: “The world is in fragments and it is my job to put it back together again.” Examination Committee: Prof. Jan Kolata (Painting), Prof. Bettina van Haaren (Printmaking)


European Academy of Fine Arts e.V., Trier, Germany, Spring 2005


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