Collaborative Project “Sisterhood” (2017) Danielle Wyckoff and Astrid Kaemmerling

“Sisterhood” (2017) is a collaborative art project by artists Danielle C. Wyckoff and Astrid Kaemmerling. The project investigates the porous line between public and private through porch conversations which are being instigated in order to connect to local communities to enhance intercultural understanding through open conversations. Using the power of sisterhood, namely a relationship between two women radiating with the same energy and a heightened sense of cross-cultural competency, the female artists support each other to enter spaces that otherwise would remain inaccessible. The goal of the project being to watch out for each other while enhancing neighborly connectedness, trust, and tolerance. Documentation of the shared experience and individual perspective of each artist takes place in form of photography, individual writing, and recorded conversations between the two artists.

The project came into existence in the summer of 2017 while both artists were spending a weekend together conducting individual artistic-research being asked four times in two days whether they were sisters, as they were identified as looking alike and radiating with similar energies. Both curious about an investigation of the space in-between inside and outside, they were curious to uncover how sisters may cross boundaries that remain intact for individual females navigating public spaces.

More soon. The project is in it’s founding phase. We are currently working on artist-residency proposals, grants and exhibition proposals to further develop this project. We want to thank the Enos Park Artist Residency and the Springfield Art Association for supporting us during our initial planning phase. Astrid Kaemmerling was an artist in residence from June-July, 2017 at Enos Park where this project came into existence.