Walking Enos Park: Who is your neighborhood? Solo-Exhibition, June 28th-July 28th, 2017, UIS Visual Arts Gallery, Springfield, IL


Poem written and performed by Scott Faingold during the exhibition opening on June 28th, 2017 at the University of Illinois, Springfield Visual Arts Gallery.

Stream of Consciousness Enos Park Blues

Is it enos park or eno’s park?

I’m not really asking,

It’s part of the poem


“I’m not really asking,

It’s part of the poem”

Is also part of the poem

So shut up

No uncomfortable snickering either

But seriously

There seems to be no standard pronunciation

For that neighborhood’s moniker

Not like krogerz or meyerz

Or  targetz or best buyz

Because of my specific pop culture orientation

When someone says eno’s park

I hear it as a possessive contraction and think

Brian Eno’s park

Ambient glam-rock park

And I mean

Who wouldn’t want to live there?

But although the notorious electronics expert, talking heads and david bowie collaborator and u2 producer (coldplay too but who’s counting?)

Will likely never set foot there

The neighborhood is becoming associated with art

If not art rock


And this is a fine thing

For the already firmly established saa has now brought astrid and Jamie forth from the void

Expanding the neighborhood’s arts identity and the city’s cultural reach

Enos park is ours to claim

Which is enough of a possessive contraction for anyone

Regardless of pronunciation

Scott Faingold, Springfield, June 2017